Wednesday, 13 June 2007


What a devastation! I can't believe how much water is lying around everywhere you go! My heart and prayers go out to all those affected or lives that have been lost in this disaster! So tragic!! Over the long weekend Grant & I and the kids went for a drive around to see what areas were affected and we were blown away at how wide swept this natural disaster is! The road out of Woodberry was flooded and still is, our backyard and my parents, which we usually have rural views of green paddocks are totally filled with water, Raymond Terrace - 10 minutes from here is under water from the Hunter River, we checked out Morpeth and where the Boat Ramp and picnic grounds usually are - all under water, we watched East Maitland break its banks, Maitland was an eye opener with the river about 1 mtre from the top of the levy, but luckily enough the levies held! Singleton where we have family and friends were isolated with both highways flooded! Here are some pics of the Hunter Floods!




Then we had the Pasha Boulka run aground at Nobby's Beach from the storms, that is a sight to see, looks so out of place, and so big in comparison to the beach! Has been there now 5 days and still not moving anywhere soon! Quite amazing and heart wrenching - mother nature and the devastation she can cause in just over 24 hours!

Well thats it for all the sad and devastating news! On a good note, I managed to get a layout done of Grant & I! I love this layout! I love my hubby! We definately would love to have more time to spend together, just the two of us, even if it is to snuggle in bed of a night, but thats the joys of having kids! I do miss him and our togetherness and affection! I love him to pieces! He is so good looking, don't you think! I love his bulkiness, his strength, his humour, the way he works hard to provide for us, the way he loves our kids, I just love him!

Thats it for me until next time, give all your family a kiss and tell them you love them!

Hugs & Kisses from me



Jane Ettia Jones said...

just so devastating and so very close to home. so happy to know that your okay though

me said...

lookee at all that water!! So glad that you and your place was safe, i would have been stressing big time if that was out my back door!