Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Another week gone!


Another week gone since I blogged! Time flies! Life caused a few bumps over the weekend but I managed to get through it! Luckily for me I have children to think of! I love my babies with all my heart! They are my life! They are my little angels! Damn cute ones at that! Got Cooper's hair cut last week, Poppy and I took him to the Barbers, and got a shark cut!
Well he looks so grown up now, wahhhhhhh, where's my baby going! Not a little baby anymore! As for Travis he grows more mature every day! Even though he is only 4, the way he speaks, and speaks so clearly, you would think he was 8! He is so intelligent. He will do so well at Kindergarten next year! He keeps saying he looksing forwards to going to school as he wants to learn how to read! He gets so frustrated when he cant read the words and he has to rely on me to read books to him! Most of his favourites he knows, so he'll tell you the story! Quite cute!

Finished my circle journal, and Terri and Jessica came over on Friday, and we swapped Journals. Already done my page in Terri's. Terri 's journal is all about ME - what do I see when I look in the mirror, who is the girl in the mirror! Quite an interesting journal! Will be interesting to see what other girls write as we all perseive ourselves differently!

Also got another of my Emily Journal Art Cards dones - Week 5 - Ithink - What is your favourite symbol! I did mine on the heart as I am a sucker for Love!
Also got my Elsie Challenge layout done! It was about me as well, also had to take a pic of yourself behind your camera!
Talk about challenges! Have them coming out of me ears! Can't seem to keep up! Want to get all my art cards up to date but just don't have enough free time! Tomorrow night I have my first scrap night with Kim Archer. Looking forward to that! Have already got my pics and picked my papers! Should make for an interesting night! Mele and I are going together! We need time out! We've both been through a fair bit lately! Mele more than me! So tomorrow night we be a big breath of fresh air!

Best be off, thought I'd get my blog updated while my angels are sleeping! Waiting for poppy to call in for a cuppa and a chat! He said he'd be here around 12.30pm! Love to you all and hope this finds you all safe and well!

All my love and kisses


Tammy said...

What gorgeous little boys!! And you are such a talented scrapper, I just love your work Lisa!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

you already know how much i love the picture of the boys....i am so stealing them and scrapping these photos.

Love your entry in the CJ girl it's divine and your page for the elsie challenge is just awesome. well done