Sunday, 3 June 2007

Market Day!

Good evening all! Hope you have all had a great weekend! I certainly have!

Had a 2.5 hour phone marathon with my new forum buddy Jane the other night! How good was that! We chatted and laughed about anything and everything! She is absolutely wacky! Totally mad! Zaney Janey! You so have to come and stay with me girl! Next markets are the 1st July - hint hint!!!! If you haven't seen her work, she is one of the most talented people I have met! Here's a quick peek at one of the projects she has just finished! How good is that and that is only my page! Absolutely mind blowing! Truly inspirational Jane! Way to go!

Today has been the best day ever! Mel (my nextdoor neighbour) and I ventured out to the Maitland Markets at 8am, with NO KIDS! Total BliSS! We have Macca's for Breakky, shopped until we ran out of money, mind you all our cash was spent on Scrapping stuff, absolutely nothing else! Got home and Grant took Trav motorbike riding for the day! Put Cooper to bed and Mel and I scrapped all afternoon, even got a layout finished! So excited! Usually we talk, and laugh and only get half layouts done, but today we both finished a complete layout!
Grant and Trav got home in the arvo, and we all
took turns riding the Pee Wee 50 around the
backyard and up and down the driveway, at least we have a huge backyard - (House block is 1300m2) - and most of that is backyard! Just a great day in general, should be more of them! This is what life is about, no stress, enjoying life, laughs and doing the things you love!! I miss that! Need to do it more often!

Another bonus for the day was while we were at the markets, I met one of my forum girls I chat with, who is also a moderator at TSE! Tezza! It was so great to put a face and a voice to a name! She was great! We chatted for over 1/2 hour like we were long lost friends! Amazing! I love the friendships I have made with scrapbooking, people are so warm, generous, friendly, willingness to share, weather it be part of their stash, their ideas or their support. So glad I met you today Terri, we have to do it more often! Top Chick!!!!
Goodnight to all, and hope this finds you all well!
Love Always Lisxx


Mele said...

Hey Lis,

Had the most Fab day today, luv da markets & especially our scrap after noon, cant believe we got a page finished!!
Your a gr8 friend, luv ya heaps

Tammy said...

Ya gotta love Janey eh??
I sure do!! Didn't she do a great job on that book??? Love your pages girly!

Lisa said...

Luv you heaps to Mele! Yesterday was the best day I have had in ages! So need to have more of them!

Hi Tammy - Totally agree with you, gotta love Janey! She is the best! I love our chats! She is one very very talented lady! Don't understand why she isn't a Master! Thanks for the comments on my pages! So love your freestyle!!!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Hey Lisa Lisa (everytime I say it that way it reminds me of that episode on the simpsons when micheal jackson sang that song "lisa lisa") okay off on a tangent.

Thank you so sweetie so much for your gorgeous comments about my work, you so totally make me blush and feel so loved.

I loved our chat the other night too, just awesome but i think if i come over and stay no-one not even snoring hubby will get any sleep with me around LMFAO.

I so love your new goodies and that page IS JUST FRICKIN AWESOME girly, i love it and you know i love that paper so much.

Hugs and thanks for putting up with me constantly LMFAO