Sunday, 17 June 2007

Scrap me Happy!

Hello, I've had a fantastic weekend doing absolutely nothing, aprt from Scrapping and watching movies with hubby and the kids! Not much else you can do in all this rain! Will it never end?? So over the rain! We needed it but we didn't need this much! Wish we could send it out West a little, where they need it!

I am apart of a Circle Journal with The Scrapbook Establishment where we all have to pick a topic get our Circle Journals done and then send on to the next person on the list so that they can contribute to your journal. A great idea, so I've spent all day yesterday completing my journal already for the Post! Also had another nearlly 3 hour marathon chat over the phone with Zaney Janey lasy night! She is so funny! Such a soft spot for her! Also got 5 more of my Journal Art Cards half completed, started a production line, got all the photo side attached, just have to turn them all over now, pick some paper and do the journalling and that will be 9 done! Only 14 more to catch up! Will I ever get there!! Here is my Circle Journal minus my personal page! Will put it up later when I have taken a pic!

Love to you all, hope you are all fighting fit and keeping indoors snuggling up!
Love Always


Terri Brown said...

Just gorgeous Lisa! I love how you have used those papers on your journal.

me said...

Lisa your CJ is just gorgeous girl, love the colors and design!!! I so love the pledge, clever chook you are :)

Wish I could sign in with my REAL name, but it will only allow my blogger account :( which i dont have anymore lol

Jane Ettia Jones said...

just gorgeous lisa girl i can't wait to get my hands on this, you may not get it back though