Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Beautiful Kempsey

Hi All,

I had a wonderful weekend off, we were all went away up to my Uncles and Aunties at Kempsey, who live half an hour west out of Kempsey on their beautiful 40acre property! We relaxed, unwound and had the best time! Cooper was so taken with the Chickens, and chasing them and giggling when they flapped their wings and squarked! The boys rode their bikes, and played with the dogs and cats! We saw Kangaroos bounding through their backyard and we even got to feed and pat some possums at night! We had a BBQ for tea Saturday night and Uncle Ian lit a huge bon fire and it was so wonderful and warm and relaxing! On the Sunday morning my Aunty and I went for a 6km horse ride. It was so relaxing. All the stresses of day to day living vanishes, just took in the surroundings, took deep breathes and enjoyed the ride! It has been over 14 years since I have been on a horse and I have to say I have missed it! I missed the serenity and the peacefulness! Had to say I didn't want the weekend to end, had the best time, wished we could of stayed longer! Uncle Ians Dogs are just gorgeous, whole 3 of them, as for the 3 cats, are just the hugest but biggest softies, and their 5 horses are breathtaking! Really nice looking horses with the best temperaments! Believe me I needed a good temperament, I was back to being a beginner again! Anyway, it was an enjoyable weekend all round! Thanks so much for having us Uncle Ian and Gailene, can't wait to do it all over again!

Thought I'd also mention for any of those who are interested in White German Shepherds, go and visit www.wherewhiteisright.com as this is my cousins website and she breeds the best White German Shepherds in Australia. Worth looking at!

Missy and Me
Spook - White Shepherd
3 of the 5 horses
Lots of Love Lisxx


Tammy said...

GREAT pictures Lisa!

Kathy Pitt said...

Hey Lisa, loved reading about your time away, gorgeous shots girl!

Now, don't you have some rather cool news to share :D