Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Disaster Zone!

Just thought I'd share with you the joys of children! This morning whilst I was having a shower, I left my two DS watching TV, or so I thought! After I got out and got dressed, I headed out to make sure they were OK, as I do every morning, and man I was hit with a disaster zone. Looks like the ferals had taken over my loungeroom and what a mess they had caused! The culprit was Cooper my 18mth old, but Travis just sat and watch the whole turn of events not even to batter an eyelid! Cooper decided whilst I was showering, to grab some newspapers and spread them around the floor, along with some toys that took his interest, along with that, he went to to pantry, grabbed the box of weetbix, emptied the contents on the floor, mashed them all up with his hands and feet (I am told by Travis), then decided to use the weetbix box as a seat, and that is how I found him, his playtime over, the loungeroom an absolute mess, with Cooper sitting on the Weetbix box watching TV, plus he had someone managed to take his pants off! I was absolutely gobsmacked, and blown away that one little boy could make so much mess in about 5 minutes! Here are a few pics of the mess! Luckily for me I had all day to clean it up! LOL!

Anyway on another note, my parents are overseas at the moment and their dog "Leroy Brown" had a sleepover with us last night as he is the biggest sook and is fretting pretty bad for mum and dad! So we even let him sleep inside last night next to the fire, got up twice during the night to let him out to go to the toilet, and he was fantastic all night, did not move! He keeps whining while he was laying beside us during the day and evening, really sad, and he looks it! And he's only 4 years old, but the loyalist, gentlist, biggest softy you'll ever come across! Poor Leroy!

Thats me for another day, just finished doing all Dad's wages, put Coop to bed, and updated my blog! Grants busy out in the shed fixing his cousins car all the way from Dubbo and its freezing outside, don't envy him a bit, he needs one of those gas heaters in the shed to keep him warm! Anyway, hope all is well at your place and chat soon!

Love Always



Kathy Pitt said...

oh I laugh when I see this photo Lisa, and I am so glad you could snap a pic of it all!!

that is such a gorgeous DOG, how could you not let it inside lol Im a big suck like that too when we babysit a friends dog, we let it inside, when it shouldn't be lol

Tammy said...

OOOOHhh girl.
Been there.
Read the book and bought the tshirt!! LOL

Jane Ettia Jones said...

girl i cracked up when i saw these pics, please don't show my dad ok otherwise he will think this is way too cool lmfao

oh and please don't tell me when i have four dogs here and they rule my house

AnnetteL said...

Oh Lis I have a cheeky little bugger that does that sort of thing all the time, I spend three quarters of my life cleaning up after her LOL!!