Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Great News!!!!!

Hi Everyone, as I have just been reminded, I have some fantastic news to share with you all! But I will get to that in a moment, leave you all in suspense for a little bit!

OK What has been happening in my world the past week! Well last Thursday I went to Mel's Scrap Party and we made surprise boxes, really enjoyed the night, though haven't taken a picture of it yet as I have to put photo's in it, and not sure what I want to put into it yet! Will post up when I have completed it! Sunday, went to my Aunty Chris's Scrap Party and we made a two page layout incorporating a window book, really neat and it turned out great, again, I have to put pics on it, so haven't taken a photo as yet!

Aunty Chris became my lifesaver this week and next with coming with me to Swimming Lessons with the boys and looking after one, while the other is in the pool with me, while my mum is away! We then went for a drive to a new Scrapbooking Shop that opened in Lambton - Shop and Crop, and bought some wonderful things, like kids in a candy store! We grabbed Macca's on the way home for lunch with the boys, and had just a wonderful day together, thank you so much Aunty Chris for helping me out! I really appreciate it! She is all excited as her only child moved out a few weeks ago, (She is actually sad about that) but excited at the fact that she is converting his room into her own scrapbooking room, and she is doing really well, so proud of her!

Grant has been really busy the past few weeks getting the ute finished that he has been working on in the shed, now down to the final stages, it is all painted, all pimped up, just needs a few things put back together, and buffed, then it is on its way! Yippee, I might just get my hubby back for a few weeks, miss him when he is so busy!

I received a phone call from Trav's Pre School on Friday to say that he had had an accident and not to be alarmed BUT he may end up with a black eye! So what parent doesn't worry a little! So off we go to school and indeed he had a big egg on the underside of his eye, but thankfully it didn't go too black, gotta love kids.
Then on Saturday the kids and I had Trey's 8th birthday party next door, where even Trav and Coop had a go at the games. Treasure Hunt, Trying to eat a donut with you hands behind your back and the donut tied to the clothes line, Musical Chairs and a Pinyata! The boys had heaps of fun and ate heaps of lollies and junk, but it was a good day! Happy 8th Birthday Trey!
Mum and Dad have flown out to Norfolk Island for a week and are due back next Monday, so I kidnapped Leroy today as he is such a sad sack when they go away, he is inside with me at the moment, lying beside me, poor thing, at least he can have some company with me and the kids during the day!
Have also got some scrapping done during the week, one for a challenge to become a Feature Designer for the month of August on TYPE on TSE, and the other for a challenge on a Sketch by Kathy Pitt on TSE. And my good news, I won the Type Challenge, and I will be the Feature Designer on TSE for the month of August, I have to complete two layouts a week! So stayed tuned for some new layouts with TYPE! So looking forward to this opportunity and so very over the moon about it! Thankyou to Annette at TSE for giving me this great opportunity! I promise I will not let you down!


My Layout for TYPE

Well thats it from my world at the moment, a jammed packed week it was! Until the next time I blog, may you all take care, and sending my love your way!
Hugs and Kisses

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