Monday, 25 February 2008


Well we have had the week of it! Sickness Sickness and more sickness. Cooper came down with the poo's n spews (vomiting & Diarrhea) last Sunday - Tuesday! The Trav came down with it Tuesday - Friday! Just charming! I came down with it Thursday & Friday only thank god, but had to work both days, luckily for me I took some drugs to plug me up and soldiered on! Grant went away fishing for three days in a game fishing tournament )Friday - Sunday), so I was left at home sick! Firstly the poos'n'spews then Saturday I woke up like I had done a huge work out at the gym, no energy at all either, came the arvo I had the sorest throat, like I was swallowing needles. Sunday sore throat again and feel like shit! Today I have hardly any voice, think the kids like that! LOL! Luckily Grant is now on two weeks holidays so he has been great today while I had to go to work he has done the washing, looked after Coop, sorted through all the DVD's and found the matching cover, a chore I had been procrastinating over! God love you Granto!

Saturday my bestest old buddy Jane (friends for over 28 years) came over. She fussed over me during the day, we played beauty parlours, ha ha ha! I waxed her Bikini line and Tinted her lashes, then I tought her how to wax underarms and she did mine, way too hard to do it yourself! We had a good ole chin wag, heaps of laughs and it was just so great to catch up with her. I went to a scrap party at Mandy's during the week, where Jen Hall was the teacher, so I made this Canvas for her, to say she was wrapped was an understatement. So pleased she liked it! Josh apparently thought it was awesome (he is 9 years old) and now I have to do one of him too! LOL! We raised our boys to be so vain! LMAO! Josh and Trav are like brothers from the same mould! Too funny!

Sunday Grant and the boys caught a big Tiger Shark, so off me and my boys went to watch the weigh in! 356kg Shark! Big shark! Though the biggest for the day was 381kg. So the boys came second. Not a bad effort at all seeing that there were over 200 boats in the comp! They were ecstatic! Good on ya boys! Proud of you!

Well I am now up to date, can you believe that, don't fall of your chairs, its been awhile since I have caught up and I got a little poke from the gorgeous Tammy to pull my finger out, think I was quite enjoying the sensation, anyway, the finger is out now Tammy and I have caught up. Proud! Well relieved anyway! Thanks, I needed it! So I'll leave you with two gorgeous photo's of yesterday evening as the sun was going down off Nelson's Bay and Travis playing on the beach on sunset!

Love to you all and hope this finds you all well!
Love Lisxx


Sandy said...

hey Lis, hope you are all feeling much, much better. That canvas is just gorgeous, I bet Jane was thrilled! Awesome shark too!

Jaimee said...

thats a very big fish! Congrats Grant and the boys!
so glad you are feeling better now

Katherine said...

Hope everyone is feeling better by now.

Tammy said...

Girl... your pages are fricken gorgeous!! I am loving that girl album... GORGEOUS WORK !!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

gosh that canvas is gorgeous lis never thought i would like BG 2 Scoops but you made it look fantastic. Betch she loved it.

And check out the pic of Trav oh my gosh his just get cuter every day