Friday, 1 February 2008

Travs first day at Kindy

What a proud proud day! Travis's first day of Kindergarten and how excited was he! He couldn't wait! I had him all dressed ready to go, we went to Nanny and Poppy's to show off what we looked like in our new school uniform complete with school bag and hat! I was going pretty strong until it was time to capture the memory on camera, and then the lump in the throat hit me, where did my baby go? He looked so grown up and ready for school! I am going to miss his hundreds of kisses, cuddles and I Love You's during the day for no reason! I will miss his caring and sensitive nature while he is at school! Then I thought, well least I'll get all them when he comes home, so bonus for me! I fought those tears off and the lump in my throat as I did not want Trav to see me upset when he was so excited! So I just got excited and squealed with him! Rather infectious really!

So off we all went to take Trav to school for the first day, Cooper and I, and Nanny and Poppy! He went so well, found his name, put his bag where he was told, then just sat on the mat, telling the other kids "Hi, I am Travis". Too easy! We hung around for about 10 minutes but it was obvious that he didn't need us!

I worried about him all day! It was very hot, and kept worrying, is Travis too hot, hope he can get his lunch out of his bag, all these silly little thoughts that were unnecessary, but I guess thats the joys of being a mum isn't it!

We then picked him up, minus poppy this time, at 2.30pm. And he had a fantastic day and couldn't wait to go back tomorrow, what was I worried about!


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh is that kid ever gorgeous... I could eat him all up!!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh you poor luv, I can only imagine how you felt watching your baby grow up sounds like Trav fitted straight in and loving it.

He looks so gorgeous

Sandy said...

oh Lis, a very big day! Trav looks too cute, and dont the kindy kids seem so little compared with the others? He will do great at school, I just know it!

Tammy said...

Um. I think you need to update your blog :)

Jane Ettia Jones said...

you know i was going to say your just crying cause you left at home with the demon child but then i figured people would i was mean HEHEEEEE but i know you will get a laugh out of it