Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Travis's first playdate!

Well last Wednesday Travis had is first real playdate with his first friend from school! I have made friends with Colby's mum, Kasey, and she is a great girl! So while the boys played in the yard, doing what boys do, Kasey and I had a cuppa and pawed our way through all my scrap mags. Now I think I may have gotten her addicted!

Travis and Colby had a lovely first playdate together. Playing trucks in the dirt, exploring, jumping on the tramp, riding the motorbike, playing the Playstation and the V-Smile! Well there was just too much fun to be had! Travis then asked if Colby could stay for tea, well you know they are growing up when this question gets thrown at you! So we had a mini party, sausage rolls, party pies, mini pizza's, mash potato, peas and corn! Then I took Colby home at 6.30pm! What a great day they had, hope there are plenty more to come!

Here are some pics of their day together!

Trav & Colby


Colby on the tramp

Colby having a ride on the Peewee

Trav & colby playing trucks

Colby in the dirt!

Two silly faces!
Well on the home front, I am still sick, lost my voice, only squeaks come out every now and then! Or when I talk low, I sound like a male! Truly hilarious, a bit of a novelty I think! Though am quite over all the sickness, nearly 2 weeks of it. Least both the kids are well!
Take care!
Love Lisxx


Sandy said...

oh Lis, just look at Travis with his little school buddy, so very happy he has made a friend already at school, sounds like they had a great time!

Tammy said...

How come I wasn't invited??

Al said...

Don't the boys look so happy. How cool that Travis had his little friend over. It really does have the "awww" factor even though it is boys. Such cute little boys!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Oh my gosh how cute are they and how awesome that Travis made a friend at school. Just priceless lis