Friday, 12 September 2008

A Blur!

Well the past 5 days have past in a blur. Sunday saw us all sitting down going through the motions of organising, etc. Not a nice thing to do, and the first time I have ever had to sit down and do this type of thing. Nick and Ali left to go back to Canberra to break the news to their children and to reorganise to come back up! I sent Grant home with Kate on SUnday afternoon as Kate was in the middle of moving, and I just did not want the to be by herself, they needed each other.

Monday saw me fall to pieces. I was so emotional all day. Of course I had cried during the past few days, but alot of me was focused on Grant, even Grants family, to be there for them. With no one to focus on all these memories came flooding back, christmas holidays at the bay with Netty, Christmas's, mothers days, her coming to visit in hospital when I had the boys, just little things that broke my heart. I really took it hard Monday! I also had to go and organise the wake, and the funeral music, which I found it hard to do by myself, but I kept thinking, Jeanette was strong, I can do it! She would be proud!

Tuesday I had the lovely Sandy come for a visit laiden with a handful of flowers, one bunch of rose from Sandy herself, one bunch of white lillies from Jane and one bunch of pink lillies from Al! Yes I lost it, I tried hard not too, but I lost it. THese girls are amazing, and I feel really blessed to have met such beautiful friends with such huge hearts. Look at these flowers, aren't they just perfect. Sandy's visit really brightened my day! Thank you so much you gorgeous girl and thank you all for your wonderful words and flowers. I love you all to death!

Grant and Kate came home Tuesday, and we had Grants Aunty Marg and her daughter Kat arrive too to stay. It felt comforting having people around again. Kate and I stayed up until 2am Wednesday morning, me scanning in a whole lot of pics for the Slideshow, while Kate created the Scrolls to give out to everyone, then it was time to print off just over 100 of them, scroll them and tie ribbon around them! It was one very long night, but comforting in the fact knowing that I was helping and contributing.

The boys absolutely adored having Marg & Kat stay with us. Cooper just fell in love with Kat and wouldn't leave her alone. Wednesday afternoon was hard, going the viewing, I had never been to one before and I can't say I liked it much. I had expected to see that gorgeous smile Netty had left on her face in the hospital but it was gone, and that broke my heart.

Thursday was the funeral and what a beautiful funeral it was. Sad Sad Sad, I don't think I have cried so much in all my life, but it paid tribute to the wonderful person she was, everyone captured Netty's spirit, I felt so comforted by Netty's family. I had Milly on one side of me as we helf hands and comforted each other, Aunty Marg on the other at one stage. Gosh the tears just poured. The music was perfect. Truly Netty! The slideshow was spectacular, capturing her life from when she was a little Dutch girl, to having a family, her grandchildren, her love of the beach and sunbathing, it was just perfect! Afterwards it was great to see all the family, reminiscing on old memories, celebrating Netty's life!

Netty you will be sadly missed by all!

Love Lisxx


Sandy said...

Hey luv, it was an absolute pleasure to bring a smile to your face for a little while. I was thrilled to help out Al and Janey with the flowers....there was much love in every bloom!

Al said...

We're so glad our flowers helped you a little with knowing that others are thinking of you.
You need time, and your tears will turn to smiles :)
Remember such a beautiful lady fondly - because I realise how much she meant to you.