Thursday, 4 September 2008

a little bit of everything....

Well its the first of the month and we are back on track with another Stamping Challenge over at Scrapbook Shelf. This month my challenge is to stamp with another medium other than ink! Whether it be to emboss, like I did, to use paint, chalk, bleach, anything other than ink! Also I stretched the challenge just a little and asked that seeing that September is the month of Fathers day, that you tribute your layout to that male someone that is special in your life, whether it be your dad, your grandfather, your childrens dad, or a male that is special in your life. So I created my layout of my dad and his love of helicopters with an embossed stamp! Make sure you enter, I would love to see your work over at the SBS gallery!

Secondly with all the emphasis on family of late with us, I created a photo frame for just Grant and I with Kaisercrafts new Everblooming paper range. I just love how it has turned out!

And lastly we got another phonecall today to say that Netty was back in hospital with another haemorrage. She got her wish, she got to use her bathroom once! Will keep you posted!

Love Lisxx

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Al said...

Gotta say Lis, that frame of you and Grant is just gorgeous. Love your work sweeite :)