Saturday, 6 September 2008

We love you Netty!

It has been a long two days. I received a phonecall from Grant at work to say come straight to the hospital and don't go home to pick up the boys as his mum was unwell. When I walked onto the floor of Netty's room, it was a sea of family faces. All of Netty's siblings, their children and of course Netty's children. I knew straight away something was not right. I went into see Netty and I just didn't expect to see what I saw! It was only 5 days ago we were laughing, taking photo's, Netty was now very exhausted, tired, drifting in and out, we were told by one of the nurses to tell her everything you want to tell her, tell her to stop fighting as it was alright to go! We were waiting on Nick (Grants brother) to come up from Canberra. At one stage Kate and I were talking to Netty and I promised Netty that I would look after Grant and that Grant & I would take care of Kate. She opened her eyes and said thankyou, I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me back! She had also told us that the Angels were there. Netty always believed in her angels.

The room was always full of people, there was never a moment when her hand was not being held. Nick and Ali arrived just after 8pm, so we had all the family there together. By midnight we were all tired, and wandered home, leaving Netty's sister Chris who wanted to stay the night with her. We arrived back at the hospital at 8am. By that time Netty had slipped into a coma around 5am. She passed away at 2:05pm. What a sad sad day, it was raining, it was blowing a gail, the heavens poured! Netty had always said that make sure I don't die with my mouth open, and that I die beautiful. Well of course she died with her mouth opened as her breathing was very laboured towards the end. Chris and Kate both tried to close her mouth but to no avail. About 10 minutes after she had passed, someone had asked "Who closed Netty's mouth"? No one had, she must have came back and checked on how she looked and closed it herself. As we sat around the bed telling Netty tales, laughing and reminiscing, someone said"OMG look at Netty" As we all looked, her mouth was closed with a smile on her face. She looked absolutely beautiful. We were all crying in happiness, in sadness, it was truly unbelievable and I am so happy I was there to witness it! We still stayed by her side until after 5pm, reminiscing, telling Netty tales, and the hardest thing I found was to leave her and close that door behind us on the way out, it just didn't feel right! Netty I love you! You were an amazing strong woman! May you rest in peace!
Love Always Lisxx

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Al said...

This is just so sad to read. I still remember how you would say "Netty wants her make up done" and all that stuff. It makes me smile :)
Take care of yourselves while you are grieving - it's a long process.