Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Great Weekend!

Does it mean you are getting old when you start going to friends houses for card nights! Too funny! Over the past few months we have had a few card nights, a few at our place, one at Rods and last night at Ed's. had a great BBQ for tea, then out came the cards. Rod, Wil, Grant, Ed and Me all playing Uno! OMG too funny! Shirts off in the gravel! Hilarious!

We all had such a great night! The little boys ended up crashing on Ed & Mel's lounge. Won't be long and it will be Ed & Mel's turn, a big huge congrats to Mel who is nearly 12 weeks with their first. Very exciting for the both of them!

Before we left to go to Ed & mels, me and the kids were mucking around with the camera. Love having pics of my boys! They are so handsome! Don't you think????

Me before going to the BBQ!

Me & Cooper!

Me & Travis

Oh I just love my boys!

Today I had another brilliant day! Jano came over and we spent a day being pampered. Hair treatments and manicures. Catching up, talking shit as we do, and just taking five out. Grant and the boys went to my parents place, while Grant fixed my Uncles car over a few beers. So heaven all round I think! Don't know what I had done right, but when the boys got home Grant decided that he would cook a BBQ for tea! Lovin it! A night off too! This is what life is all about!

Chat soon!


Tanya said...

You and your boys looks gorgeous! I always do stuff like that too with Jai before we go out lol

Al said...

As always Lis, you look radiant! Those photos are gorgeous. You ALWAYS take a stunning photo. And those boys - well I think they are almost as adorable as mine LOL :)