Sunday, 23 November 2008

Christmas in November!

Wow, Santa really did come early! Did you know he visits the naughty girls first! We are living proof! He He He! What a weekend, its was truly amazing. Sandy and I made the hike from Newy to Sydney, Al made the Hike from Victoria to Sydney and Lee drove around the corner all to meet at Janes for the best Chrissy weekend ever....

The three Ho's
Me being a "supportive Friend" LOL!

To start off with were the food preparations, we had gourmet meals like we were queens, and even a princess... Prawns wrapped in Prosciutto and Avacodo with Seafood Sauce, Prawns on Ice, Gran Marnier Balls, Chocolate Layered Cake, Brandy Cups, White Christmas, Fruit salad in contriou, glazed ham, baked pork, zucchini bake, cauliflour and broccoli au graten, OMG the list goes on, not to mention a bottle of Moet, a few bottles of champagne and little wild hibiscus flowers in the bottom of our glasses. Mate, we dined like royalty!
While drinking our moet, we opened pressies, we all definately spoiled each other. Sandy bought me a Provocative Woman (Perfume) gift pack, Jane bought me a Britany Spears Curious Gift Pack plus hand made me a CD Folder with our trip to the Craft show in it and a tin with choccies in it, Lee bought me and all the girls a great girlie pamper pack full of choccies, a gone with the wind DVD, a coffee mug and coffee beans, a choccy spoon, little chrissy decorations, it was awesome, all in a white cane basket which I can use in my scrap room! Al made me a gorgeous mini album all about me and why she loves me! OMG so gorgeous! I love it totally! So very very spoiled.
After pressies and nibblies we had dinner, OMG mouth watering. We were all so full afterwards we headed straight for the lounge and slothed it. Watched a few episodes of Sex and the City before turning Mamma Mia on and what a blast we had. We watched it over and over again, singing along to all the songs, the best movie to watch with all the girls... So great memories. Sometime during the night we pigged out again on dessert. Have no idea how we fitted it in, but we managed... before all crashing on the lounges and floor for the night.

The next morning we all so did not want to go home, we had the best time, it was great to kick back, relax, have no interruptions, just chill, laugh and have a great time.... When can we do it again Jane! and PS, Jane your house looks absolutely amazing, you have done a fabbo job redecorating, your taste is just excellent. Looks like something out of a magazine...

Just loving starting the Festive season in November, Chrissy is going to go forever! Thanks so much for having us Jane and all the effort you all went into! Had the best time with all my Ho's!!! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas in November!
Love Ya's

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