Saturday, 8 November 2008

What a great day!

Sandy and I decided that we would spend the afternoon together and do a little bit of Chrissy shopping, with no kids! What a fabulous day we had! Looking at all the shops, having coffee and lunch together, such a great girly day out, and heaven for me, no little boys! We shopped until we dropped, getting some much needed presents for our Chrissy in November! We did so well and had a ball in the process. Next time Sandy, I say lets take the whole day, not just a few hours in the arvo!

Travis won some money on the Melbourne Cup so I had strict instructions to buy a Transformer of some kind. Do you know how hard that is when he has nearly all of them! Anyway I did find the awesome Bumblebee Gun! So after a phonecall home, I had a winner. I practically got body slammed as soon as I got in the door, Travis was just over the moon!

I couldn't resist taking just a few shots of the boys, they look so cute! Don't you think? Handsome little men!

Too cool for school! Love you my boys!

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Al said...

Teehee and Travis almost body slamming you. He's a sweetheart indeed. You did well finding the "right" transformer. And he looks very happy with it ;)