Saturday, 1 November 2008

Back on Track!

Today has seen me climb aboard the train of life! Had a surprise visit from my best girlfriend Jane! Just to check in on me, have a cuppa and a chat! What would I do with friends! I love you Jane! You are my kindred spirit that is for sure! You are the sister I never had! Can't believe we have been joined to the hip since we were 4 years old! Nearly 30 years! Love you to death!
I swept through the house doing yet another tidy through, scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming, washing up, loads of washing, folding, making beds, you name it, makes me feel good when the house is clean! Though still procrastinating on cleaning the scrap room! Lucky I can shut the french doors and it is all hidden!
Once Grant got home I decided that I would dedicated the afternoon to Travis. Just have some me and Travis time! No Cooper! So Trav and I went to the pictures, and saw Beverely Hills Chuhauha! Can't spell that sorry! We munched away on popcorn, and skittles and coke! It was a great movie! Nice to have some time with just Travis! Cooper takes up so much of my attention, poor ole Trav misses out! So he was very happy to spend the afternoon with me! Makes me feel heaps better to make him feel happy to!
So all in all today was a pretty good day! Still feeling at tad edgy under the surface, but it felt good to concentrate on Trav and have the house tidy, as well as spend some lovely time with Miss Blanch! So bring on tomorrow!

Happy November everyone! This month is going to be a good one!
Love You all

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Al said...

Gee it's been a rough few months for you Lis, but it's good you are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
How nice of your girlfriend Jane to come around - it's the little things that mean the most.
Take care of yourself sweetie xx