Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Marlin Fishing

As most of you will know my hubby just loves his fishing, as do all of his mates, and with them all off on holidays, why not go for a fish. Well most of you would expect them to come home with a few little fish, maybe some bream, flathead, snapper, or something, but what if I told you they came home with a Marlin. And not just 1 marlin but three.

Grant, Rob & Rod

Grant caught one which weighed 72kg, Rod caught another which weighed 77.5kg and Rob caught the biggest with 82.5kg. Have you ever tasted marlin??? It is devine! Looks like all our families and friends will be having Marlin for dinner!

Grant and his 72kg Marlin

Good on ya boys, proud of ya's! Next time Its my turn to catch a marlin.... (lol)

Well now to get ready for New Years Eve!

Love Ya's Lisxx

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

far out now that is a good catch
watch out rex hunt he comes grant and his mates