Saturday, 27 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday Coop!

Gosh this time of year is soooooo busy! To start the silly season off, its Christmas dinner at mums on Christmas eve followed by opening some pressies.

Mum and Dad bought us some towels, tea towels, candles, glasses, me some perfume, and Grant the Bourne trilogy. They bought the kids heaps of toys and a portable DVD each! Talk about spoilt.

Chrissy Morning and we are up before the birds I think! Gotta love kids enthusiasm... The boys ripped into their Pressies and stockings. Grant bought me the Sex and the City Box Office Collection (all 6 seasons), some Gym stuff and $100. Thats a good start... Then off to Grants brothers for a Champagne Breaky, with lots of Bacon, Eggs, Coissants, and more pressies. Lunch time we headed to my Aunties for another Cooked Lunch, then back to Grants brothers for dinner. OMG why do we eat so much on Christmas day???????

Boxing Day morning and we are up at 5.30am again, this time only Grant and I, as it was Coops birthday! We had a BBQ for lunch, salads, a cake, slip'n'slides, the kids played, jumped on the tramp, more presents, the kdis crashed about 8.30pm, and us adults partied and played cards until midnight. So much fun! Another great night! Loving our card nights, they are the best!!!!

27th saw us just mellow and recoup over the last week or so.

Hope you all had a brilliant Chrissy and Boxing Day! We sure did! Sorry for no pics, totally forgot the camera Chrissy day and Boxing day was so hectic, then come night time I was partying! Ha Ha Ha!

Chat to you all soon! If its a nice day tomorrow its off to the beach with the kids.....

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