Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Romance Day!

I just love this day! Bring on the romance. It just doesn't happen any other day! Why not, I do not know! But I'll live it up while it lasts a day!

So what is Valentines day without underwear, chocolate, flowers, strawberries, candles, bubblebath and a little romance. Well i actually achieved all this today! So so excited.
I gave Grant some boxers (underwear), a box of chocolates and a Lotto gift pack, Grant came home with a bunch of roses (OMG so excited first time ever for a bunch of roses, its usually a mixed bunch, and only ever on Valentines),
How gorgeous are my Roses?
we lazed around for the rest of the afternoon watching movies. In the arvo thought I'd go and have a bubblebath with candles, but that was short lived when two little naked boys jumped in with me....
Me and my two little naked boys enjoying a bubblebath!
After the kids went to be Grant and I had strawberries and chocolate dip, then snuggled on the lounge together and watch another movie.
Yum, chocolate and strawberries - is this heaven?
Bliss really! Loving this romance! Wish it could always be like this! A little love, a little romance, the feeling of being important and cherished, the feeling of being the centre of somebodys world. And do you know what also topped it off, falling asleep in each others arms to the sound of the rain outside.....
Hope you all had a great valentines day and that your day was surrounded by love!
Love you all!


Al said...

Wow Lis ... how awesome a day did you have! Spoilt rotten! I could just eat those strawberries right off the plate!
Hehe ... cute pic of you in the bath with theboys LOL LOL LOL!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh wow love the roses there gorgeous you lucky girl....and bubble bath and strawberries and chocolate ewww what more could a girl ask for....wtg you deserve it all