Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Fishing Widow once again!

Yes you read right, Grant is away for three days AGAIN! And whats happens when the cats away????? The mice play!!!

I had to work both Friday and Saturday this time, but I did go and have dinner with Jane, Shake and Josh. Lifesaver I say, saved me ffrom having to worry about cooking tea for myself and my boys.....

I got home from work saturday and ventured straight to Janes. We were on a mission. We went to Home Hardware and picked out some paint, to paint my bedroom. I bought a new doona cover as well, which arrived on Friday. Happy dancing. So Saturday afternoon saw me washing the walls down, masking up and painting, while Jane layed on the bed and chatted to me, in no time at all with having company I had finished. We remade the bed and decided we needed to go shopping on Sunday. I cooked Jane tea while we went on and on about my bedroom and what else it needed. Too funny.

My New Bedroom - Just love it!!!!

Come Sunday I was up, scrubbed the bathroom, then off to Janes so we could go shopping. We bought Candles. wanted also to buy something for the wall and some chocolate lamp shade covers but never found anything, though we ahd fun shopping and browsing in every shop possible. We then took the kids to Macca's so that they could play while we had a chance to have a well earn coffee and more chatter.
Once we got home, we rearranged things, put the candles around the room, I cleaned out underneath our bed and vacuumed it, also cleaned out our wardrobe, and totally cleaned the window sills and skirting boards, the Bedroom looks a million dollars. we then decided to check online for what I was after for the bedroom wall and finally found this.... Can't wait for it to come now and put it up, how romantic will that look! Oh bring it on!!!!!

Though I will be going to buy some new Green candles instead of the white ones... Loving the effect.

Have to say I am pretty chuffed and proud of myself to achieve all this in a weekend all by myself! Who said we need men!!!!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

loving your new bedroom
my favourite too, GREEN
and woot woot woot of course girls can do anything luv

Al said...

Lis, your bedroom looks absolutely beautiful! So dreamy, but elegant ... it is gorgeous!