Saturday, 21 February 2009


Yes a fishing widow again! You just gotta love the fishing season hey???? Well actually I am quite enjoying it. Saturday morning I went to the LSS and bought some new papers, album, stamps, ribbons, blings, etc, so that I could start to make an album for a much deserved friend. Will get to that shortly!

Whilst in Maitland, ran into Shell! So great to catch up again, her and her girls then ventured to my place, swapped Chrissy pressies, and the kids played while we gas bagged like ususal! Its been so long, we talk all the time on facebook and email, but to actually be in the same room, hug her, was just the best!!!
Well by the time we actually paid attention to the kids, I had my loungeroom mat plastered with play dough. OMG, we just couldn't get it out, not even with a knife, so the ole pressure cleaner had to come in handy! Lucky! But here is a pic of the kids and my loungeroom mat, and what you see is only a quarter of it! LOL!
From the top LHS is Lacee, then my boys, under my boys is Brodie and then the MAT! Ha Ha Ha! Oh well I guess at the end of the day they had fun and it all came out with the pressure cleaner.... Later that night, the boys and I watched Underdog together, pulled a mattress off one of the single beds and had a camp out for a while.
After the kids crawled into bed at 8.30pm, I watched Made of Honour with Patrick Dempsey. Wow he really is McDreamy! What a top movie, I balled my eyes out, then couldn't wipe the smile off my face at the end. Awesome movie ever!!!!! Great Saturday had by me, plus even started on my girlfriends album....
Hope your having a fantastic weekend, and guess what - No Fish was caught today! Bummer!

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