Sunday, 1 February 2009

A Fishing Widow

Well this weekend saw me as I fishing widow once again! Grant has gone fishing for 3 days, home this evening at some stage, but what a weekend I had.

I had to work of course on Friday, my bff Jane picked up my boys after school, and I went straight to her house, we had a BBQ, a whole bottle of Wine each, and we crashed the night. The boys had a ball and thought it was so much fun to have a sleep over with Josh!!! While Jane, I and Shake party artied out the back until we were absolutely ripped!
The next day I had to take Trav to his little girlfriends Paiges 6th Birthday at Macca's. I then started to feel quite ill after I had eaten Macca's. Not good I tell you! Got home, and Janey came back over in the arvo, we just lazed around and nattered on as we do.... God I love her to death. We have been friends since we were 4 years old. Started Kindergarten together and have been BFF since. Kindred spirits I would say! We are so close that if my life falls of the bandwagon, I know that her life has too, we seem to have the same ups and downs in life as each other. Janey is like the sister I never had, she is my world, my everything, I know I am going to have seperation anxiety come Monday when our lives return back to normal....
Josh, Shakey & Janey
So Just have to say, Love you Janey, you rock my world.....

Love always

me xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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