Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Yep, it was my Birthday, the 29th January, and I was 33! Gee where does the time go? 33, I can't believe it! I had an awesome day! Grant and the boys bought me a new printer, so I can print out my photo's for scrapping at home instead of having to go to the chemist everytime, so excellent bonus. Travis wanted to take me out for lunch, sweet boy that he is, so when I asked where he wanted to take me of course his reply was "Macka's mum", so off we all went to Macka's for lunch, in the arvo, mum and dad came home from being away for 4 days, mum bought me a gorgeous watch, some perfume, a bloody to die for bangle, gold, with 10 sapphires and 12 diamonds, Man I was flawed! Along with a box of choccies and a bottle of my favourite bubble bath! Heaven would be the word for the gifts I got.
I had numerous phone calls all day! Even one from Jane who was in Queensland holidaying, god love you Jane to still think of me, I suppose thats what happens when we have been friends for 18 years! Shell rang from Singleton, my Aunty rang, my parents rang, my sister in law and mother in law rang. I got numerous emails from alot of people, too many to mention but thank you all!
Mel came over with a birthday cake and a aromatherapy kit from Loot, I just love all the new age stuff! Mel never ceases to amaze me with the kind gestures she is always making, makes me proud to call her my friend!
Three of the girls from TSE even gave me gifts, Jane gave me a stunning handmade card, and matching box, complete with a brown necklace and bracelet, oh so me, and I was so stoked, it is absolutely gorgeous! Sandy came over and had morning tea with me, and her gorgeous kids, bought a beesting cake for us a donuts for the kids. Gave me a handmade card, three candles, two vanilla and one chocolate, again, just me, just flawed, then Jaimee gave me a handmade card and a brown gem necklace, again so me. I got 16 handmade cards from the girls at TSE, these girls are just gorgeous, and they picked me to a T! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends, and to have met them at TSE! Priceless!
Night came and Grant, Trav, Coop, Mum, Dad and I all went to Hogs BReath for tea. Lovely meal as always. Travis was a bit disappointed as there was no birthday cake and candles, so the next thing I know, 4 waitresses come out with Travis all holding sparklers and they all sang Happy Birthday! Well I had tears in my eyes, I was so so happy! Then the girls said how Travis had come up to them and said that Mummy didn't have any candles for her birthday, and did they have any! So they asked Travis what my name was and they all Sang Happy birthday to Lisa! One of the best days in my life! All these simple, generous and thoughtful gestures just made my day including all the love of my friends and family! Couldn't ask for anything more! So thank you everyone, you made my day, my year, my life!
I will post some pics shortly, just trying to catch up on the journalling while I have 5 minutes.


Tammy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! UM... Do you have any jewelry I can borrow??? lol.

Sandy said...

Hey Lis, it was MY pleasure to come and visit on your birthday. Travis is a great kid huh? You must have been fit to burst at the resturant. Glad you had a great day luv!