Saturday, 1 March 2008

Grans 84th Birthday!

Gosh what a milestone! 84years old today! So all my Aunties and Uncles and me and the kids spent the day with the dear ole thing! Mind you she is stubborn as an Ox! She smokes like a chimney and has done all her life, but no signs of cancer or lung disease or anything! Amazing! She has very bad Diabetes and went blind over 5 years ago because of it, so she is in high care at the local home here in Newcastle. She still has all her faculties, and is very independant. Even to the point of trying to light her own cigarettes and cinging her eyebrows and hair!

Gran - 84yrs today - Happy Birthday!

So anyway we gathered at my Aunties for the morning before we left to go to the Junction Inn for lunch ( A pub on the Hunter River). Nice food, great company and a wonderful time.

Aunty Kathy, Gran & Travis


After lunch we all went over to the park across the road so that I could get some 4 generations pics. Wish it wasn't so windy but hey such is life!
The four GenerationsDad & Gran

Got some rather good shots of the boys too! Such a lovely day, even though I still have a terrible deep husky 1800 number voice! Still can't reach them high tones yet? LOL! Though unfortunately I have given this awful flu to Cooper which he didn't need! Always the way isn't it! So he now has a cough, the green runny nose and a rattle (Asthma) so that isn't good!

Trav up a treeCooper beside the reeds!

Grant has gone away fishing again! So he missed out on all the festivities! Though I have to share one more pic before I sign off and am up to date once more! Before we left for Grans birthday, Cooper was all dressed ready to go apart from his shoes and socks, because I am such a sharer and shared my flu with him, he was just resting on my best watching Tractor Tom! This is how I found him! Completed with hands where most males have them! LOL! Too cute!

Until next time - take care!

Love Lisxx


Sandy said...

Happy birthday Gran! So glad you had a nice time Lis and those photos with your Gran in them are precious! Sorry you are still feeling unwell, bugger Cooper has picked it up as well, fingers crossed he does not develop a full blown asthma episode!

Tammy said...

Well heck... 84 is still young!!

Al said...

Wow Lis, your Gran looks great. Sounds like a lovely day! And great photos - hope you scrap those up :)

Al said...

Heehee ... great photos of the boys. They look so handsome. That last pic of Cooper - OMG he is a typical male I agree!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Happy Birthday Gran gosh she looks awesome and look at her she looks so happy.

So love the pictures Lis there just gorgeous

Katherine said...

What a great lady. Amazing for her age. HOpe you all had a lovely day.