Sunday, 31 August 2008


Well since Thursday we have spent each day at the hospital visiting Grants mum! Unfortunately she had a haemorrage internally, 14 bags of blood later and her spirits are fighting hard once again. She has had us in hysterics, the laughing kind. Joking, etc. such great memories to treasure forever. I made a Kaisercraft lace up Album for her to put beside her bedside table so that we are always with her. She loved it!

Hopefully with a little luck Netty will be home tomorrow. She has had a new bathroom put in at home to help her mobility in the shower etc, and all she is looking forward to is using her bathroom just once. God love her! I took a pic of Grant and his mum while we were visiting late this afternoon, and isn't Bald beautiful! I just love this pic! Gorgeous! Netty didn't want her photo taken at first until Grant said he really wanted it, and she made us laugh by saying, Oh OK, but hand on, I'll just put some lippy on! Priceless!

God bless everyone, and big hugs to you all!
Love Lisxx

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Al said...

Love Love LOVE your family frame ... that's way spectacular Lis. Awesome work :)
Love the photo of Grant and Netty - how special :)