Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My Blog is fabulous!!!!!!

Thanks Al for nominating me!!!! Wow , My blog is FABULOUS! Loving that!!!!
So the rules are:
Here are the rules for this Award.
1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.
3. On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.
My 5 fabulous addictions:
1. Anything Scrapbooking of course
2. Chocolate
3. My Family
4. My Computer
5. My gorgeous friends
Well of course I would love to nominate Al but she nominated me! Al you are the bomb girl, the princess of princesses, funny, lovable, and just plain ole Fabulous!!!! Thanks for nominating me!!!
5 Fabulous Blogs I'd like to pass this award on to:
1. Jane Jones Now who wouldn't nominate Jane! Her blog rocks! Always up to date, always shares everything with us! Her creations are out of this world.... Jane is just Fabulous!!!!
2. Kristine Collins I just love browsing her blog, always full of gorgeous creations.... Just fabulous...
3. Vita Thai Another rockin blogger and rockin scrapper! Vita's creations are just amazing! I would love to have half of her talent! Digital, Hybrid or Traditional! You rock Vita! Congrats!
4. Julie Dudley Well what can I say! Another blog I constantly stalk! Another fabulous scrapper and awesome chic!
5. Kerry Gillett She is just awesome! I miss you so much! The only way I can catch up on your world is to read your blog, so keep bloggin babe! You rock and of course you are fabulous!!!!
So Girls, yours blogs rock, your creations are mind blowing and you are all fabulous!!!!
Love Ya's


Julie said...

Thanks heaps Missy Lisa. You so rock too.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh Lisa your just so sweet
thank you for this