Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy Birthday Kat

Well as you know we kidnapped Kat after the ashes and brought her back to stay with us until Thursday! Her brother joined us on Monday, and we have been partying everynight. Its been great! Tuesday was Kats 19th birthday, so dad being the gem he is, took Kat and Gelof for a drive in the Vette! These guys are car mad, so it made their day going for a drive in Dads' vette..., these days have been so hot, we have spent every afternoon in the pool as well! Its been so great and relaxing!

Kat loving the Vette!

For Kats birthday (Tuesday 6th) we had a BBQ dinner, mum, dad, Grant, Me, Gelof, Rod and of course Kat, the birthday girl! We all went for a swim in the arvo, drinks and dinner, birthday cake, which of course Cooper had to help blow out the candles. Then drinks, drinks and more drinks. So Happy Birthday to Kat, hope you had a memorable 19th!

Kats Birthday
Wednesday I took Kat and Gelof into Medowie to get Kats Birthday pressie done from Gelof and I! I got kat a nose piercing and Gelof got the top of her ear done! Afterwards we went into Salamander, grabbed some lunch and then went and visited Uncle Bill & Aunty Gayle. Uncle Bill is Jeanettes brother and he was diagnosed with cancer just before Chrissy and unfortunately couldn't make it to the ashes due to the Chemo. Was great to catch up with them and Grants cousins. Though this cancer business really sucks I tell you! Not nice at all and way too soon after Netty!

Gelof, Aunty Gayle, Uncle Bill & Katarina

Well thats it for me at this stage, Thursday Kat & Gelof head back to Sydney to catch a flight back home to Mareebra. Me I am back to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Back to reality! Not really looking forward to that! Have totally enjoyed having Katarina and Gelof stay with us! Next time guys stay longer so we can do more things!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love Lisxx

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

Happy Birthday Kat
looks like you all had a fantastic time