Friday, 2 January 2009

Kids day out at Warners Bay

It was such a gorgeous day today, that we thought we would take the kids out to Warners Bay and take them to the skate park out there for a while. Well the boys had heaps of fun, but the older kids just ruin it for the littler kids, so we moved from there and took the boys to the esplanade and let them ride around the path beside the water, stopping at Speers Point Park for an icecream. Such a lovely family day out! Loving these holidays with my boys! Its great!

Hope you are all enjoying the school holidays! Chat soon!



Jane Ettia Jones said...

could those boys be any bloody cuter or what.....oh i want to steal them

Tanya said...

wow some awesome photos Lisa. I see you have been doing the photo collages - they look great! How do you do them?? Are they easy?