Sunday, 4 January 2009

Netty's ashes

4 months on, and its now time to scatter Netty's ashes. Such another beautiful summers day, the sun shining, the ocean gorgeous, surrounded by family and Netty's favourite holiday spot - Anna Bay!

We all congregated around Net's favourite swimming hole, a few words spoken, rose petals thrown into the ocean, then Grant, Kate, Darren and Nick all took Netty up to the rocks and let her go over the ocean, she would be very proud. A lovely day! So nice to see all the family again! I just love Grants Aunty's, Uncles and cousins!
The Ceremony

After the ceremony we all went back to Anna Bay Tavern for lunch and drinks. Catching up on old memories of Jeanette, while more drinking!!!! By the time we got back to the unit, we had some pretty merry people. Us younger ones ventured back down to the Rock Pool to have a swim for Netty, the kids loved it, as did the bigger kids. Kat crashed tackled Wil into the water, very funny! More drinking! We kidnapped Kat to stay with us, and Wil & Rod came back to our place too, for more drinking and good times. A great day all in all! Just hoping now that he ashes are done that we all get the closure we need and our lives can start to head back into some sort on normality!

After the Ceremony

May you rest in peace Jeanette, your always in our thoughts and prayers. Love You and Miss you!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

this is truly beautiful lisa and netty would be so happy i can imagine she was smiling down at all of you

Kerry said...

What a gorgeous thing to do for Netty! I'm sure she is very happy and at peace xx