Thursday, 10 May 2007

P!nk RockS

I just have to say, P!nk rocks. Went to see her live in concert at Newcastle Tuesday night, and she is just the best entertainer I have ever seen. I saw her the last time she came to Newy, and this show was even better again. Her voice live is amazing, I love how deep and husky her voice is, she is mad, she is friendly, she makes jokes, she interacts with her audience, she makes you feel as if you are one of her long lost friends. Her music and the lyrics are the best and I just love how she is not afraid to voice her own views! Cruelty to animals, I totally agree with, she has the image of a rough and tough chic with tats and an attitude but deep down she has sincerity and love and compassion for alot of issues! Makes her real!! Mel & I had the best seats, in the very first section, right at the front, we got amazing pics! Check out her website, and you'll be amazed at how many issues that P!nk gets behind! What a woman! She Rocks!!!!!! Chat Soon
Luv Lisxx


Terri Brown said...

Lisa I am still every so envious of you seeing her! Would so love to see some more pics...who knows, they may end up scrapped in an album LOL

Mele said...

How awesome was PINK!!!
Im so glad we went, every1 else who didnt see her, you really missed a fantastic concert, not rubbing it in or anything!!

Lisa said...

Terri - You will definately see some pics of the Pink concert scrapped, just have to find some perfect paper, looking for something hot pink with flourishes and swirls or something to that effect, have had no luck searching so far.
Mele-I'm so glad we saw Pink together, and yes, she was the best in concert, she Rocks!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow i am green with jealousy, i vote for more pics please