Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers and grandmothers out there! Where would we all be without our mothers! I love my mother to death, we are not only mother and daughter, we are also best friends. We love to shop together, have coffee and chats together, we like to do special things together, we are there for each other in good time and bad! She is my rock! I love the way she absolutely adores my two boys, and treats them as if they were her own. She plays with them, there is always fun to have with Nanny! She cooks with the boys, takes the boys shopping, buys them little pressies all the time, they have sleepovers at Nanny's, she just idolises my boys and we all idolise her! Life would not be as bright or sparkly without Nanny it in! We love you Nanny!

For Mum
When I was a baby, you rocked me to sleep,
And dressed me and taught me to talk,
You guided my faltering, hesitant steps
When I first started learning to walk.
And then came the day I started to school,
When you realized how fast I had grown,
And you told me what wonderful fun it would be
Then watched as I skipped off, alone.
You made all the days of my childhood bright,
Filled with contentment and fun.
That the memory I have of my growing-up years
Is a cherished and wonderful one.
And then, when I started to be on my own,
You offered a sure, guiding hand,
Whenever I needed a listening ear,
I knew then that you'd understand--
For all of your thoughtfulness, all of your love,
Your patience and gentleness, too,
I'm thankful--for I have a wonderful treasure
--A sweet, lovely mother like you!

I love you Mum, Happy Mothers Day
Love Forever, Lisaxxx