Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ye Ha!

Howdy Partners! What a week!
Last weekend Grant & I attended the lovely formal wedding of Grants mate Ed to Mel at Tulloch Winery at Pokolbin. It was a beautiful wedding and it felt good to dress up and feel elegant for a change! I've included a pic of me and hubby! What a couple! A big congrats to Ed & Mel, may you live a life full of love and happiness together.

The week past by unpreductively, not much scrapping done, more organising than anything, and most attention focused on trying to fine tune my new blog and chatting amongst my new TSE family!

TODAY is Sunday, and I'm still a bit doughy after last nights party! We went to hubbys sisters 30th at the Old Texas Ranch, dressing up Cowboy/Cowgirl style. We danced, rode Randy (the bull), ate too much and drank way too much, but what a great night we had! Yeha!

Managed to get up nice and early (though feeling a tad bit doughy) and battled the croud at Maitland Markets, where I bought some great scrap supplies and a few treats for the Kids. Loving the velvet rick rack!

My week ahead is hectic, working 6 days as a beautican (glad this doesn't happen all the time), working 2 nights as a bookkeeper, have another 21st to attend on Saturday night, Sunday is Mothers Day and hubbys 33rd! but best of all I have P!nks concert Tuesday night with my nextdoor buddy Mel! Can't wait for that! P!NK Rocks!!!!!! Went to her last concert and she is a fab entertainer. Will post pics!!!! But this time next week, I think I WILL be passed out and deflated.

Until then, I'll love ya's and leave ya's all and you'll all come back now ya hear!


AnnetteL said...

CUTE cowboy hat, Lis! And VERY NICE scrap stuff, you lucky girl!

Love AnnetteL

Terri Brown said...

Love that hat Lisa!! Now I am turning all shades of green that you are going to P!nk's concert. I went last time for my 30th birthday. She just so rocks as a performer.

Reinflate yourself next week to post pics LOL

Jane Ettia Jones said...

wooohooooo check out the hottie cowgirl you go girl.

and how gorgeous is the new scrapping stuff, cannot wait to see what you do with it all.

Lisa said...

You girls are just too nice! How wonderful to have adopted a new family! I have to admit I am sure loving all the positivity and praise you gals give out, sure does wonders for the moral!
Love you all!
Love Lisxx