Saturday, 19 May 2007

Time to Scrap!

Morning everyone

I have just added some more of my layouts, and even some of my wedding album layouts by request under the subtitle - My Art! Please have a look, hope you enjoy!

This week has been a dead loss! I have been really sick with a head cold from hell which has now moved onto my chest! My kids have had it all week too, so no time for resting or trying to get better.
I scrapped a page on beautiful baby - Cooper - My Angel! Hope you all like it!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

I am so sorry to hear that you and the babies have been sick. I truly hope you are all feeling better.

As for the men sweetie I wish I had some helpful advice, but I am sooooo not good at figuring men out. It's a bloody mystery to me hence why i just kill them off and bury them in the back yard.

My heart goes out to you though and I hope that you can work it out because although i have only known you a short time, you are truly a beautiful precious lady and you deserve the very best.

Hang in there kiddo and know that I am here if you want to talk, or bag out men or you just need someone to carry the shovel.

Hugs sweetie

AnnetteL said...

I'm so sorry you've had the week from hell, Lis. I hope scrapping that gorgeous layout about your angel cheered you up abit, because it certainly put a smile on my face!