Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A Day Off!!!!!

My Beautiful Boys
Hi There fellow bloggers, its Wednesday today Yippee. I had alot of hat swapping last week, I had the "Beauty Hat", "Bookkeeper Hat", "Party Hat a few times", "Scrappy Hat", "Mummy Hat" & "Sick Hat". Had the biggest week last week, and ended up with a head cold from hell! Me, usually being a 14 hour a week bookkeeper and the rest of my time being a SAHM, my week last week (Monday to Monday) comprised of Beautician - 36 hours, Pink Concert - Tuesday Night, Bookkeeper - 14hrs, Scrap party - Saturday afternoon, 21st Party - Saturday night, Mothers Day Lunch at Raymond Terrace Botanical Gardens, Grants (hubby) 33rd Birthday tea at the local Chinese Restuarant. Yesterday was a disaster, had an appointment in Maitland, so by the time we went there, then had a browse around, it was after 2pm by the time we got home, we all had a nanny nap, then off to do the well needed Grocery Shopping. So much for resting yesterday. So today is hopefully put your feet up and rest day, don't know how I'll go with 2 little people under 4yrs and both with Colds too! Isn't it lovely to be a family and share everything!

Even though my week last week was hectic, and don't think I could cope with doing those sort of hours everyweek, I still really enjoyed putting my Beautician Hat on for a week, pampering people, meeting people and generally having conversations that are of adult topic instead of Kiddie talk. The girls that I worked with are just beautiful people!

Thats all for me, no scrapping has been done for the past week, and probably not much more will get done this week either with us all sick with colds. I might even browse store for some more supplies. For those of you reading, it is worth your while to check out the Scrapbook Establishment, as the owner Annette, is a wonderful person, and has just introduced a new forum to her site, of which I am one of her Moderators. The girls on the TSE team are just fantastic and I have adopted them all as my new family! They are just great, you will love them to, so drop by, say hello, and get to know some new people! It will be worth it! A Big High 5 to all the girls at TSE for a job well done, WOOT WOOT WOOT as Janey would say!

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

gosh girl i got tired just reading everything that you have done. hope your all feeling better though. make sure you rest, well if you can. oh and you so have to show me what you buy at TSE you know I love looking a new stuff and yeah woot woot and ditto to the new forum it's awesome isn't it.