Saturday, 26 May 2007

Near Human Again!

Hello fellow bloggers!

The last few weeks haven't been the best for me! Last Monday it was off to the Docs as I was getting worse and worse. He told me I had a secondary brochial infection and if left untreated = pneumonia. So luckily I saw sense, now on antibiotics, but 5 days later, am still full of green slime. I am sure I have no skin left on or under my nose! So sore! At least my chest no longer rattles and doesn't hurst when I cough, so starting to see the light of day there!

The last few days I have been playing catch up with the house work, that was long overdue but no energy to do it like cleaning out fridges, pantry cupboards, cleaning windows, wiping off little handprints from the kitchen cupboards, TV, fishtanks, mirrors, etc, washing, vacuuming, washing floors, tidying up toys! So the house is looking presentable again!

I even found the time this morning to do some waxing, eyebrows, underarms, brazilian, legs, and washed my hair, so I am feeling a little more human again!

Only got one layout done this week, in ode of my mum, who has been my rock over the past few weeks with me being sick, but unfortunately, the past week I love her so much, I even shared my flu with her! But god love her, she still took the kids on Tuesday night so that Grant & I could have an anniverary tea without them! So heres the layout, hope you all like it.

Today I am continuing to try to put some order back into the house, next on the list is the backroom and my scrapstuff, then if tomorrow goes to plan, and Grant is out cutting firewood, I'll do some well earned scrapping!

Have you all checked out yet, and its fantastic forum. Well Annette at TSE has been so busy, she is even opening a gallery very shortly! Maybe as early as next week, so keep your eyes peeled! Can't wait!

Hope you and all your families are well!
Chat soon

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