Friday, 30 May 2008

Terrible Two's

Well isn't this just the worst age! Bring on 5 year olds I say! Least they obey and have a little concept of understanding! Cooper lately is sending me around the twist, let me tell you! He is having nights where he won't sleep, refuses to sleep during the day, the tantrums are just terrible, he is spending a lot more time on the time out chair and that doesn't seem to phase him here nor there! It doesn't matter whether I act calmly when he is in his mood, or I talk sternly to him, or I try to ignore it, it goes in one ear and out the other without a batter of an eyelid. So I have a confession to make? He totally frustrates the life out of me, I have no idea how to deal with him! Some days I feel like I am totally losing it, especially when I have him by myself 95% of the time. And the tantrums become worse once Travis comes home, as he always wants what Travis has got! I spend time with him during the day, whether it is cuddled up to him on the lounge while we watch his shows, or whether we play cars or trains together, or I read him a story, if something doesn't go his way, look out! So if there is ANYONE out there who reads this and has some ADVICE, any advice, I would be so appreciative. I will give anything a go at the moment!

PLease do not get me wrong, when he is good, he is so funny, and cheeky, and I do love him to pieces, but the terrible twos are outweighing the good of late! And this is really wearing me down! So I look forward to hearing some advice from a different view point other than my own!

Hope you are all well AND CALM!!!!!!
Love Lisxx

Here is a pic of what Cooper does to me when I put him into bed and tell him to go to sleep, he squeezes his eyes shut tight, and smirks! Little devil!

Way too cheeky!


Al said...

Heehee ..... that little boy has the cutest grin ever! Check him out LOL !!! He really makes me laugh!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

devil with the angels voice and cutest little precious face.....little bugger knock knock bear bum his just too cute