Saturday, 17 May 2008

A Genius in the making!

I am so so proud of Travis! He is in Kindergarten and he received his first TWO awards during the week! He received the "Principals Award for excellent behaviour and academic achievement" and received a "Merit Award off his teacher for trying his best in everything he does"! To say I was overly proud was and is an understatement. His class also received the best behaved class in the school and they received a Trophy, which Travis got the honours of accepting on behalf of the class! How good is that!

His two best friends, Colby and Harrison both received awards too, Colby received his Merit Award for Counting to 20 and Harrison received his for his progress in reading! Well done boys I am very proud of you all!
Travis both Daddy & I are so very very proud of you! Keep up the great work! We love you!

Trav getting his award from the principal, and his teacher is the younger lady on the left!

The Three Muskateers and their awards - You go boys!Well one proud mummy signing off!

Love Lisxx

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Sandy said...

oh WOW Lis, a proud mum you are indeed!!!!! Good on you Travis, absolutely a genious in the making!!!!!