Saturday, 17 May 2008

Another Week in hell!

Gosh what a week this past week has been! I twisted my ankle on the day before Mothers Day, so I have been hobbling around like an old duck all week! Luckily its starting to feel a little better now!

My main hell has been Cooper! No surprises there hey! Well being two and all, he has now decided for the past week that Sleep doesn't exist in his world, whether it be day or night! Just another thing to test my non existant patience! Come sleeptime he screams and yells "No Bed", which of course I ignore! Put him to bed, turn on his music to try to calm him down and shut the door. Then the screaming starts, and maybe a spew if he works himself up good enough! Once he gets over the screaming, the tantrums start, toys are hurled and then little punches and kicks start on the door! Jane is right, he is the demon child! I have no idea what his problem is except that he doesn't want to sleep! This continues all night! He may fall asleep around the 8-9pm, then only to wake around 11pm to start the game all over again, this goes on for a few hours, with both Grant and I loosing our tempers, to only fall asleep again around 3am, then rewake around 6am! We have been living on 3-4 hours sleep a night and I was at my wits end! So "Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the Chemist I go, and get some drugs to knock him out, Hi HO HI HO"! I know you were singing then! LOL! Well the last two nights have been bliss! He fights it for about 45mins - 1hour, but then by 9pm he is usually out and not waking until 6-6.30am! Love it! I actually looked forward to spending a day at the salon with the girls and no kids yesterday! Bring on work I say!

He is such a moody little pooh, and so head strong, what he wants is the only thing that matters and he will tell you in any which way or form if things are not going his way! So so opposite to Travis! Travis is and has always been my quiet little angel!
Well on another front, we have named our feral kitten, "Moe" because he has a black face and a white little moustache! Ha ha ha! He is still quite scattered! Hides all the time, when you find him he hisses and carries on but once you pat his head you can pick him up without gloves! So he is getting there! Though we hardly ever see him as he spends all his time hiding in the back room! I grab him out after breaky for cuddles, and if I am home during the day, I give him cuddles again at lunch, and I grab him out again after dinner and we snuggle and watch Home & Away together! So he is getting used to me quite quickly, though he still is skitz around the kids and Grant!

Well have some more news on Trav but he deserves his own little post, so off to go and post that up!

Ciao! Lisxx

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Sandy said...

Gee Lis, you have had a rough week huh? I hope Coop settles down for you soon, hows that ankle? Just look at that little Moe. I am sure with all your love and attention he will grow into a lovely puss!