Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Happy Birthday Granto!

Well its hubby's birthday today - 34! You over took me again! Love it when we catch up for a little while! So heres a big hug and a smooch from me to you! Love ya & Happy Birthday!

Today was extra good as we both had the day off, so we got to spend it together! Grant really wanted a pair of Black long Ugg Boots from Mortels so $170 dollars later, he got his birthday pressie!
Plus an extra special one of going to Fiji on a fishing trip for 10 days just the boys! What a life you have Grant! So we will be busy organising flights, accommodation, etc during the week ready to go in August! There is a big tournament on over there, and Grant of course just loves his fishing and why not try Fiji for something different! So that will be the third time that Grant would have been to Fiji, bugger, will have to go back to catch up! Grant & I went in 2002 where Grant proposed, then we went back in 2004 and got married there! I love Fiji!

Fiji by Day (Taken on our Wedding Day)

Fiji Sunset (Taken on our Wedding Day)Now you can't get anything more perfect than that!

Take care Chat Soon

Love Lisxx

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Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Grant. A fishing trip to Fiji??? gee, some of us have a great life!