Saturday, 24 May 2008

A Little Update!

I had a lovely visit from Sandy on Wednesday! It is always so nice to catch up with you! We really need to do this more often! Time always flies whenever we get together!
Cooper is going OK! But I wouldn't say excellently! The drugs work most nights, though he really fights them until he is exhausted. He sleeps most nights, though there has been a few nights, the last one being last night where he wakes at 3am and that is it! Its time to get up! I am really hating that! Day time sleeps are a thing of the past unless we are driving in the car somewhere then I can guarantee if it is around 1pm then he will fall asleep! Though he is so head strong and we really clash here, my patience just does not handle the tantrums. He is spending alot of time on the time out chair lately! Terrible twos, they are just the best aren't they! Makes me realise how spoilt I really was with Travis! I had none of this, the worst we had was that he loved sleeping with us, we didn't care, we were first time parents, but tantrums, etc, never existed in Travis's world when he was little, maybe every now and then now, but two Travis was an angel! Cooper is the devil I am sure! But he is still cute, and I still love him to pieces, he as the funniest little personality when he is happy! And can be quite sweet!
Other than that I have been working like a trooper. 4 days a week! 2 doing bookkeeping and 2 at the salon! Busy Busy Busy! Have to organise a training night on how to apply makeup! We have had quite a few requests from clients so this is my little baby! Looking forward to it!
Moe is settling in! He is getting tamer, he has gotten used to me, but with everyone else he just runs and hides. I am sure it will take a lot of time! Grant bought another feral kitten home last Saturday, and luckily I found a home for her straight away, couldn't handle another one!
Our little Penny turtle that we have had for the past 4 years finally has a new home. She was growing so big, and we just didn't have a tank big enough for her! Anyway one of the vets at mums work loves turtles and has a big pond for them at their place and breeds them. So she has gone to a good home with lots of friends, instead of being in a tank all by herself. I am sure she will love her new life! Though a little sad for us and we do miss her, she was a funny little thing and the vets couldn't get over how tame she was! She was certainly an esme, always wanting to know what was going on!
I have caught up with alot of people from School on Facebook recently, and gosh it is good! Blasts from the pasts, brings back alot of memories. Thats for sure!
Well thats me! Grant is away fishing for the weekend, I have the fire blazing, and it is just me and the kids. They are chilling out watching cars while I have a little play on the computer! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get started on a new project that I need to get done. Will tell you all about it later!
Hope this finds you all well and toasty warm!
Chat soon

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Sandy said...

it was wonderful to catch up on Wednesday. Gee, I hope Coop settles down for you soon, hang in there Lis, you are doing a great job :) xoxo