Saturday, 31 May 2008

Our Family Day

Well afternoon anyway! After I finished work on Saturday at lunch, I took the kids into Newy to play at the park, grab an icecream at Kiwi's and then have a little play on the beach! Grant was away fishing again, so it was just me and the kids and we had such a great time. There were no tantrums, just lots of playing, laughing, giggling and smiles. I love days like these!

We headed into Newy park opposite the tugs, as the kids love the train you can pretend to ride in. They swung on the swings, went round and round in the cup, and even more so just enjoyed being kids.

After they started to get a little tired, we jumped back into the car and headed around to Newcastle Beach. Walked over to Kiwi's, and the boys grabbed a Triple Choc Cone and I grabbed a Choc Malt Milkshake. By the time we got back to the beach, Cooper has icecream everywhere, he was so enjoying it! He ate every single bit of it, even half of the napkin! LOL!

After the icecream, it was clean up time, then time to play on the sand. Cooper just loves the feel of the sand in his hands, and kept grabbing handfuls of the stuff, where Travis was more interested to grab it and throw it into the water. So by the time they were all covered in sand and looked half like chocolate monsters it was nearly dark and the air was turning chilly! And seeing that we enjoyed having such a great family day together, we stopped in at Macca's on the way home and grabbed tea too! The kids just loved it! Why can't every day be this good?

Have a good one!
Love Lisxx


Al said...

LOL .. I smiled as I read through this post. It really was lovely to hear what a great day you all had!
Love that Cooper loved his icecream so much he ate half of the napkin ... LOL LOL LOL!!!!

I love all your photos, and man they are going to look awesome scrapped up!

Kerry said...

How cute are these pics of the kids! Priceless Cooper eating his icecream and half the napkin :) Glad you had a great day with the kids LOL!!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

i am so stealing these photos luv there just gorgeous especially cooper trooper with his chocolate icecream face, how adorable