Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there!

I had a great day! Grant cooked Bacon, Eggs, Tomato's, Sausages and Baked Beans on the BBQ with Toast and a cuppa! Mum and Dad came round too, and it was a great way to start Mothers Day! No cooking and even no washing up! Even caught a pic to capture the moment! This is how it should be I reckon! The boys washing and wiping up! Love it!

The Boys bought me the new Jodie Picoult book, a gorgeous new Address Book and a Birthday Book, and a $20 Lottery gift pack! Fingers crossed we win the big one! Well enough anyway to pay off the house and have a holiday! Not too greedy!

We then went and spent a little time with Grants mum until she became too tired! So we went to Greenhills for a browse, Grant even shouted a coffee and cake, sitting down at the cafe, well believe me this never happens! So was quite over the moon! We came home, layed on the lounge and watched Alien vs Predator 2, then went and had dinner at mum and dads! Got out of everything today it was pure bliss and such a wonderful day to spend it with the three boys in my life! Thanks Grant, Trav & Coop you made my Mothers Day extra special! I love you all to the moon and back!

Love Lisxx

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Sandy said...

oh how I love to see men at the kitchen sink! LOL Happy Mothers Day Lis!