Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Slice of Life Challenge 4

Well we certainly are just past the half way point and things are swinging into action over at Scrapbook Shelf! The competition is going great guns and I have enjoyed being apart of the process. Its also great to keep my mind occupied.

So this weeks challenge is to us an Imperfect Picture, NO Cardstock and 3 pattern papers.

So here is my example! I just love these Basic Grey Papers! So Boy! So girls get scrapping and remember to have fun!

Also stayed tuned for little surprises that Trudi has up her sleeves. She is the secret keeper!!!!!

Life is going good! Grant is still away! My routine is down pat! Once the kids are in bed I hit the net and facebook! Just loving it! Going for a sleepover at mums Wednesday Night and have my girlfriend Jane sleeping over Friday night. So something else to look forward too!

Until then Chow!

Love Lisxx

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