Monday, 25 August 2008

OMG What a weekend!

Yep thats right! I had the best weekend of my life! I have never laughed so much or so hard in my entire life! Firstly Sandra from Port met up with us Newy girls (Jaimee, Sandy and Moi) and joined us in our roadtrip to Sydney! Sandra you are an absolute classic luv! I am very proud of you that you made the trip knowing how nervous you were, but it was well worth it wasn't it???? You are one very funny lady and you and Sandy together, OH Moi Good! Classic just doesn't cut it!
After dropping all our crap off at the Rydges, we headed over to the craft show to catch up with Miss Jane and meet Al & Lissy! It was just like meeting up with old friends again! Truly! It is so wonderful to finally put faces and voices to the friendships that we have made over cyberworld, and these girls were just as I imagined them to be! Absolutely gorgeous! Of course these girls are the Kaisercraft girls. All three on the design team and what a wonderful job they do too! Kaiser products rock! I even got to go up on the stage and help out in a demo! Now how important did moi feel???? I also got to meet Lorraine Bate from Scrapbook Creations, and what a classic she is, this lady should be a comedian, telling us all about her Anorexic Story and Bullemia! OMG I was nearly pissing my pants in laughter! Funny Funny Hilarious Lady! I also got to meet Claire Stewart, who was from Scrapbooking Memories and now with Living Creatively, and what a gorgeous and sweet girl she is! I think the highlight was the Pandora Bracelets we all bought and showing off to each other.
After the show it was back to the room, a few glasses of wine, thanks Sandy, and my god a thousand and one giggles. Into Paramatta for Italian for tea at Insignia, and the meal was fantastic but the company was just awesome. I am sure I nearly wet my pants from laughter, well actually someone did, but we won't mention names will we!!! He He He! Tooo bloody funny if you ask me! Thats what you get for all the laughter. Bloody Lissy was hilarious doing the limbo under a boom gate on the way back to the car around midnight, while cars banked up behind her, and she is stuck or locked in limbo mode! OMG! Then while trying to get into our room, a huge fart is dropped in the corridor which saw us all totally loose it, fits of laughter, I am sure we woke the whole floor up! Oh Well, the memories are just all too wonderful and its a weekend I will not forget in all my life! So thank you girls for sharing it with me, I am just so out of this world at meeting you Sandra, Al & Lissy, you girls are just awesome, and catching up with Jane & Lee was fantastic as always!

Sandra, Jaimee & Sandy
Us Newy Girls
Jane & Lee
Jane & I ( Love this pic! )
Love this one of Sandy & Jaimee
And Al & Lissy!
Unfortunately I didn't take too many pics, as I was too busy laughing, but the few I got, I'll share and thanks to Al, I even have a threesome of us Newy Girls!!! I love You all!

We are so lucky to have made such a wonderful group of friends and all just click together so well! OMFG, the visions, the memories, the laughter will be with me forever I am sure! Thanks again girls! I so can't wait to do it again!
Love Lisxx


Kristine said...

hey there - you have a blog award waiting over at my place!

Vita said...

awesome lis. glad you had fun. there's nothing like catching up with the girls, aren't they? wish i could be there too. :) take care.

Al said...

OMGOSH I can't believe I have not responded to this post ... bad me ha ha.
Anyway, it was so wonderful to meet you Lis - you are tall and slim luv :) You are a gorgeous girl, and I hope we get to meet up again really soon!
It was such fun ... I know you weren't 100% but you still managed to smile your way through the night.
And hopefully next time it will be for longer too !!!!!!!1