Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Quick update!

Not much happening on the Hallett homefront at the moment. Life is as normal as possible. Grant spends most of his evenings visiting his mum at the Mater, while I stay at home and look after the kids. I have been working on getting my DT deadlines completed and working on a Baby Shower gift for a friend which I will give you a peak at in a sec.
Firstly I wanted to share how big Mo is now getting, remember the feral little kitten Grant bought home from work about 4-5 months ago. Well he has adopted me as his mummy and only I can pick him up. He follows me everywhere, including when I am on the computer, he jumps right up on my desk and hides behind my keyboard. Mostly just falling asleep but when he is really playful he decides that my typing is actually a game and jumps out and smacks my hands, not to mention creating a thousand spelling mistakes. Well its always easier to blame it on the cat! He is settling in quite nicely. He is still partial to the kids and he is shit scared of Grant! But hey, he picked a winner with me and we are mates! Here he is hiding behind the keyboard while I am at the computer. Cheeky little squirt!

OK so now the Baby Shower gift. Well I had seen somewhere those Nappy Cakes, so I started there and created a Nappy Cake with Crate Papers Baby Bee range. Suited perfectly seeing that we don't know the sex yet! I also created a Memory Can so that mum can keep bubs first hospital name tag, umbilical cord clamp, all those important first things, and also a Kaisercraft Baby Monologue complete with Kaisercraft Bling Adore for mum to put up in the Baby's room! Not to mention a few neutral coloured Singlets thrown in and a handmade card to co-ordinate. Something different. The gift was a huge hit. And pretty ironic seeing that mum is a bakers daughter. They loved the Nappy Cake!!! A its a really different pressie than the normal stuff you get at a Baby Shower.

Time for me to fly! Will post up pics of my DT work as soon as I finish the last layout!

Take care All

Love Lisxx

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