Sunday, 3 August 2008

He's leaving on A Jet Plane

and he won't be home for another 9 days!!!!! Yep Grant and Dad have gone! Gone all the way to Fiji for 9 days on a Fishing trip! Gosh some people have all the life! But hey they both totally need the time out at the moment, Dad's health hasn't been the best of late with his heart probs and the stress of the business isn't helping any at the moment, and Grants mum isn't doing all that well, as battling Cancer is no easy feat, and Grant has been quite stressed and emotional of late, so the best thing those two need is a whole group of fellas, beer, fishing and having a good time.

So me and my little guys are living it up or should I say taking it easy! Yesterday we farewelled the guys, then me and the boys did the groceries then I cooked all arvo. I made Chocolate Mousse from scratch and Roasted Vegetable Lasagna from Scratch. I had my mum and my Aunty over for dinner, and a bottle of Tempus Two Verdallo Wine. Mmmmmmm. Great night!Today we stayed in our Jammies until 11am. We just veged out, I did a little scrapbooking, working on a baby shower pressie for a friend of mine who's Baby Shower is in a few weeks. We had hot dogs for tea, we all had a great big bubble bath together and now we are all ready for bed!

Though first I just had to tell ya's that I reached a mid life crisis on Friday, and went and done a spur of the moment thing. A bit crazy, but hey, thats me at times. I went and got my nose pierced, well I was at work at the nose gun is there and well it was just meant to be! He He He! Wasn't very popular with Dad, first the tattoo a few years back and now the nose but hey its my life and I like it! I will post up a pic in a few days when the redness dies down a little, I have to say it did hurt a little, the first few minutes my eyes would not stop watering and the huge urge to want to sneeze! Its all good now, just a little tender. Can't wait for the six weeks to be up so I can take it out and put in a tiny teeny diamond stud. Oooh I have lost the plot I know!

So ciao all, sweetdreams, I am off to put my kidlets to bed and go and jump into bed myself and read some more of my Jodie Picoult - Change of Heart book! What are all you guys reading at the moment? Any good authors you love?
Chat soon
Love Lisxx


Jane Ettia Jones said...

i still can't believe you pierced your bloody nose LOL LOL

Kerry said...

Hey Lis, can't wait to see pics of your nose pierced - you go girl!! I hope Grant and your dad had a great time in Fiji. xx

Al said...

Oh jeez Lis .... you stay away from me in Sydney if you bring that gun. I'm kinda scared of you now LOL.
Hope the boys had a fabulous time away.