Thursday, 13 March 2008

Chasing my Tail!

Where on earth is this year going? It is just flying, I feel like I am chasing my tail and getting no where! Golly Gosh! If I am not working for dad, I am working at the salon, Tuesdays is swimming days for both Cooper and Trav, Coop in the morning, Trav in the arvo, my only days off lately have been Wednesday and Sundays! Today I went on a shopping spree, bought two tops, a pair of jeans, a pair of tights and a pair of black knee high boots for winter! Then I bought a cake and spent the arvo at Sandys, so again the poor ole housework got neglected! Well shopping and friends are always more important aren't they? Well thats my story and I am sticking to it!

Though I did managed in between all my mayham to make Trav's Easter Hat! Gee "shakes head"! What is this anyway, a competition between the mothers on who can make the best hat!!!!! I had fun anyway, but created a huge huge mess, as I have never used a hot glue gun before, & I had it everywhere, not to mention the numerous times I burnt my finger tips! Youch!

All our sicknesses have finally nearly left us all behind. Though Trav and I are still left with this dry throat and dry cough, which gets worse as the night air hits! Rather annoying! Least my voice is back now and the sexy 1800 number is gone! Phew! "wipes brow".

We had Grant home for two weeks on holidays so it was great to have him home, well when he wasn't fishing that is! He spent 7 says fishing out of the 14 he had off! What a life he has got! Though the other 7 he did manage to start the driveway, level it out, redirect all the storm water, electricity, and put in a storm pit! Now we are just up to the rio and concrete! What a job! Who would of thought it would take this long????? We have about 7 cubic metres (or is that square metres - I don't know) of concrete to pour now! Can't wait! Then we can start the retaining wall, get a load of soil and lay the turf! Then create the garden on top of the retaining wall! What a difference it will make when it is done!
Well thats about it from me, about three or more weeks to our big bash at Cronulla for Janes Party! Oh I can't wait for this one! Kerry is flying in on the Friday, I'm picking her up for the airport, and she will stay with me and Road Trip with Sandy, Jaimee and I! Gee what has she got herself into! No, only joking we are quite tame really! Though have to say I am so looking forward to staying in the penthouse with the other girls travelling to Sydney, how exciting, have never stayed in a penthouse before, or even set foot in one, never thought I would do it in my lifetime! Good on you A! We owe you one big time!!!!!! What a great weekend this is going to be! Glad there is no scrapping involved! Don't think any of us would be up to it! He He He!
Until then enjoy, take care and chat soon

Love Lisxx


Jaimee said...

oh lordy that is so cute! cant wait to see a pic with Travis wearing it!

Sandy said...

LIS!!!! you did an awesome job!!!!! well done, I see some serious hat envy at the parade!!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gosh is that the most adorable easter hat ever I LOVE IT. haahahahaha i can see the look of the other mothers face when trav rocked up with that hat my gosh girl it's bloody awesome