Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter Hat Parade!

It is finally here, the Easter Hat Parade, and I can remember all those years ago, at the same school, it was me walking around, proud as punch, showing off my Easter Hat! Well let me tell you, Easter Hats have come along way in 28 years! There were some absolutely fantastic hats there! And the little kids were super excited about their hats! Some had made them themselves, some had helped made them and some of the mums or grandmothers had made them!
The little kids all went up class by class, showed off their hats, sung a song, then paraded in a circle around the hall! Everysingle one of them had grins like cheshire cats! And I have to give credit to the teachers, they didn't want to create any fighting amongst the kids awarding the best hat, so they drew four names out of a hat for each class, to win an Easter egg! Thought that was fantastic! As each hat was fantastic in its own way! So much work, effort and time were put into these hats and the little kids faces were priceless! Such a wonderful afternoon! Though boy it was hot!!!!

Trav's First Easter Hat Parade

Travis looked so adorable in his bright yellow chicken hat, even Cooper loved it. He kept running over to Travis, taking it off Trav's head and putting it on his head and running back to me, little devil! But it was very cute and he suited it too!

I was a very proud mother in the front row at my first ever Easter Hat Parade with Travis! And I loved it!

Happy Easter Everyone!


Al said...

OMFG Lis .... that hat is AMAZING girl. What a fantastic creation - truly wonderful. I bet the kids thought it was awesome.
I can imagine how proud you felt Lis ... and so you should!
Great photos of the boys! Such sweeties :)

Sandy said...

you did such an awesome job on your very first easter hat Lis....looks great! Arent the kids just gorgeous???

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gosh how awesome is that hat, and how gorgeous is trav. awesome job lis