Sunday, 2 March 2008

I got published!

OMG How Exciting, my first layout and bio published in any Scrap Mag yet! Do you think I am excited! Well you have no idea how much!

My layout was featured in Vol 9 - No 10 of Scrapbooking Memories on Page 138! How stoked am I to finally be accepted and see my work published in a Magazine for all Oz to see! I am so so proud right now!

I have bought a few copies, one for me and one for mum to keep! Everyone is so proud! I feel like the cat who got caught in the meatsafe! LOL! Anyway, just wanted to blow my own horn, as I was very excited! Just have to break the other mags now! He He He!

Woot Woot - happy dancing! Hope you are all happy dancing with me!

Love Lisxx


Sandy said...

you know how thrilled I am for you Lis, fantastic news, very, very exciting!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

so exciting lis so awesome to see your papers in print, and with such a gorgeous page. congrats luv just awesome